Wilmington NC Now on Google Street View

Well, Wilmington NC has made the news again!  Google has added Wilmington NC  to their list of “Special Cities” for their new “Street view”.  Realistic  360*  views of streets  at eye level.  Last December the google truck was sited in our area, and one of the locals ran outside to take a picture of the truck with google logo and a camera perched on top, and sure enough he is in the google street view online.  This is great news for Wilmington NC real estate, as this will give our customers a “real” street view of the neighborhood, to compliment the interest they have in a certain home.  Also for sellers it will add another way of marketing their home.  Click on view larger map to view the entrance to Greymarsh Crossing one of our neighborhoods that we have a listing in View Larger Map .  Stroll down the street to 1300 Old Lamplighter, and you will see this fine home. 1300 Old Lamplighter If you would like to see what the night sky would like like over the house you wish to purchase, just go to google earth and search address and click night sky vision and presto you can see which stars will be above you. The possibilities are endless. Google really has come forth with what they were seeking when they first named “Google”, which is named after the mathematical number “googol” –  a huge number which is the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros. Their mission was to organize an endless amount of information on the web.  I would say that they are fullfilling their promise.  Thank you Google.

Kay Baker, a life long Top Realtor in Wilmington, NC brings local knowledge and experience to her valued clients. With her decades of experience in the Wilmington, NC real estate market, she can greatly benefit her buyer clients in choosing the perfect Wilmington NC neighborhood, in the negotiation process, obtain the best financing, obtain a home inspection and negotiate the repairs, and assist with the final closing preparations. Her sellers can also reap the rewards of a successful and aggressive Realtor that is always eager to sell their home at a record pace and for the most money possible. Kay has a long track record of selling homes quickly and exposes her listings on over 100 websites.

Kay has earned numerous awards for her outstanding production over the years including the prestigious Coldwell Banker President’s Elite Club.

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