Don’t Burn House Money | Get Energy Check Up Now | Wilmington NC real estate


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The weather is starting to take on an autumn chill and it is perfect time to look at the “money leaks” in your Wilmington NC home.  There are alot of inexpensive ways to tighten up your home and save you money in energy bills.  Tune up your heating and cooling systems every year.  Take a look at your filters monthly and change them out.  This savings is huge for a $1.29 filter.  Seals on the doors will save you money, for just a little in cost outlay.  The winters in Wilmington NC are milder than other parts of the country, but we still do get temps in the low 30’s.  Look at your home now and make adjustments.  Read More Here….

After you make your adjustments, if you think your home is ready to sell, give us a call.  We would be happy to give you a market analysis and make suggestions on how to stage and market your home.  For all your Wilmington NC real estate needs, visit 24/7.