The Worlds Largest Christmas Tree | Wilmington NC real estate

Wilmington NC Worlds Largest Christmas Tree | Star News Photo

The Worlds Largest Christmas tree lighting ceremony which has been held every year since 1928 (except the one year during World War II), unfortunately will not be held this year. The tree will be lit, but there will not be a ceremony and access to the tree will be limited. The age and health of the tree has been a concern in prior years. The City of Wilmington is doing renovations at the Sweeney plant next to the tree, and these are safety concerns as well. To upgrade and accommodate changes to make the area around the tree safe is not in the City budget.

So, we will have to view the tree from afar, and visit the new tree and Santa’s house on the downtown Wilmington NC riverfront. This new tree will be lit at 5:45 – Friday November 26, 2010 at 5:45 Riverfront Park. Maybe next year tree will make another grand appearance. Until then, we can still say Wilmington NC has the “Worlds Largest Christmas tree” but with a quiet ceremony. On a quick note, the Department of Parks and Recreation would like to bring the tree back to life with fertilizers, frequent trimmings and taking the metal poles down surrounding the tree. The department did wonders in bring back the beloved “Airlie Oak” in Airlie Gardens. We would love to see that happen.!

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