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Why it’s safe to buy homes again – 1 – investing strategy – MSN Money.

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The American Dream seems to have been disrupted the last couple of years.  According to a survey by Fannie May, that despite what the housing market has gone through most aspire to be homeowners.  It is right to be skeptical about purchasing a home in Wilmington NC or anywhere, but if you do your homework and get the help of an experienced Realtor and Mortgage Broker, the dream of homeownership can still be accomplished. 

Study the market, and the mortgage rates to make a wise decision.  MSN published the following on why it is a good time to buy:

“Why it’s time to buy

Basically, the bull’s case as outlined by Ackman can be boiled down to a few simple bullet points:

  • Home prices are at their lowest valuation in at least a generation.
  • A large number of forced sellers gives buyers negotiating power.
  • Attractive, low-rate financing.
  • Still favorable long-term supply dynamics as the U.S. has one of the best demographic outlooks in the developed world.
  • Housing is an out-of-consensus idea that is under-owned by institutional investors.

The most important factor is affordability” in Wilmington NC real estate

Knowledge and Experience makes the difference.  Let Kay Baker & Associates help you.

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Happy House Hunting…..

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