State of the Wilmington NC City Address 2011| Wilmington NC real estate

State of the City Address 2011.

Mayor Bill Saffo – State of the City Wilmington NC 2011

Mayor Bill Saffo gave the State of the City Address last night at the City Council Chambers in downtown Wilmington.  The highlights were the various projects that have been ongoing in 2010, from the Riverwalk project, Front Street Renovations, Wilmington Convention Center, Empie Park sports fields, Sewer Renovations and the Across City Trail.  Mayor Saffo talked in length about the budget and the cuts that have had to be made, to keep the the economic development and infrastructure improvements ongoing. He thanked al the city employees and volunteers that have had to do more with less.  For 2011 fiscal year the city is looking at cutting between 5 and 15 percent for each department, depending on the trickle down s$3.7 billion shortfall from the state.  The budget gap for 2011 – 2012 is expected to be $7.3 million dollars.  The City has had to re-evaluate and prioritize projects because of the recession and tighten it’s belt on certain projects.  Saffo said “like the homeowner that has had to put renovation projects on hold, the City has had to do the same. But even with all of these successes and:

1. a balanced budget
2. a double A+ bond rating
3. money in our savings account

Wilmington, like many other cities in our nation, is facing challenging times. The City of Wilmington, like other cities in the state, receives a significant amount of money from the state government.
We have asked our state delegation not to cut funding for the city to balance their shortfall.
This is the City of Wilmington’s strategic plan……….a road map if you will outlining the priorities for our city created by city council.”
To view the whole speech, click here.

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