2012 USA Budget | Wilmington NC real estate

Need a little light reading this week? The 2012 Fiscal Budget from the Executive Office of the United States has just been released, all 216 pages.  Might take a while to read, but it might be a wise thing to.

These are some General Items that were to be noted.


1. All years referenced for budget data are fiscal years unless otherwise noted. All years referenced for economic data are calendar years unless otherwise noted.

2. Detail in this document may not add to the totals due to rounding.

3. At the time of this writing, none of the full-year appropriations bills for 2011 was enacted; therefore, the programs and activities normally provided for in the full-year appropriations bills were operating under a continuing resolution (P.L. 111–242, as amended). For those programs and activities, data for the current year column (2011) in the budget


Appendix, and in tables that show details on discretionary spending amounts in the Analytical Perspectives volume, reflect the annualized level provided by the continuing resolution. In the main Budget volume, the Historical Tables volume, and in tables that include total discretionary spending in the Analytical Perspectives

volume, current year totals by agency and for the total Government will match the President’s 2011 Budget request. “

 Here is a link from MSN


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