New Hanover schools online annual report | Willmington NC real estate

New Hanover schools save with online annual report.

The New Hanover County Schools now have all the annual reports online cutting down on the papertrail. 

“The website’s cost of around $10,000 can be spread over many years,” said Valita Quattlebaum, chief communications officer at NHCS. “With this, we can update and publish annual reports at a much lower cost.”

“Printed documents become obsolete and they’re limiting,” Quattlebaum said.

The annual report provides information including test scores, the district’s financial report, academic achievements and the its strategic plan. All pages are also viewable in Spanish.

“We plan to update the site constantly, but the major updates will be annual,” Quattlebaum said.”

Anything that will help the county go green and help save costs for the budget strapped schools is a win win situation.  Online technology is the way to go.  Everything about Wilmington NC and real estate can be found on

Read the rest of the story here…


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