15th Annual East Coast Wahines August 20 & 21 | Wrightsville Beach NC | Wilmington NC

East Coast Wahines.

from Wahines website

The waves have been great, the water blue and the beach white…. what better time to have the 15th annual East Coast Wahines Championship.  Wrightsville Beach will host the 2 day event on August 20 and 21.  Women surfers from around the world will compete in these divisions shortboard, longboard, bodyboard, and novice- all ages, from groms to goddesses.

According to the Wahines website http://www.eastcoastwahines.com/ they have partnered with Sweetwater Surf shop in Wrightsville Beach and the venue will be moved to Columbia street near local business district.  For more information and applications to surf, please visit http://www.eastcoastwahines.com/

Good luck and enjoy as a participant or watching the incredible talent that frequents this championship.

If you see any Wrightsville Beach or Wilmington NC real estate that interests you, let us know.  www.cbbaker.com or text 14059 to 44133 to search by street or area.


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