Annexation Fight Seems to be Working | Wilmington NC real estate

When talking about Wilmington NC real estate one thinks location, location, location.  An added thought is where it is located.  In the City or in the County.  The latest try by the City to annex an area near Monkey Junction seems to have come to a stall.  According to the Star News “Property owners in the Monkey Junction area have likely stopped the city from annexing them. As of today, the New Hanover County’s board of elections had received petitions from 62 percent of residents opposing the annexation, exceeding the required 60 percent needed to stop it. A state law passed earlier this year gives residents in pending annexation areas the opportunity to deny the annexations if 60 percent of the property owners inside the areas sign a petition to do so.”

It won’t be official until after the petition deadline  on Nov. 29. And after that, Marvin McFadyen, New Hanover Board of Elections director, will make a recommendation to the county’s board of elections to accept the petitions.”

The residents of the proposed annexation area might get a reprieve for awhile.  There are some perks that go with being in the City, but it does come with a pricetag.  A quick glance at annexation from the City’s website. Click here….

To search all Wilmington NC real estate we invite you to visit  The current tax rates for the tri-county area and the City are listed here as well.

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