NC Wins $70M Early Childhood Grant | NC had the top application | Wilmington NC real estate

Governor Bev Perdue News.

Fantastic news from Governor Bev Perdue’s office this week.  North Carolina won 70M Early Learning Challenge grant from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 9 States out of 37 won a piece of the 500 Million grant money.  NC was deemed to have the best application in the country. 

“It was literally the best application we received from any state in the country,” Duncan told McClatchy.

“North Carolina’s grant will allow the state to strengthen efforts to ensure that all children are able to start kindergarten with a strong foundation for future learning.”

“All children in a classroom benefit if everyone starts kindergarten ready to succeed,” Gov. Perdue said. “North Carolina’s early childhood system is a national leader, and this grant will allow us to take dramatic steps forward toward the goal I have set of assuring that every child has the chance to succeed in school and life.”

“This grant shows how successful North Carolina has been in executing our vision for putting all of our children on a path to a bright future,” Gov. Perdue said. “It’s time for the General Assembly to follow the court’s order and do the right thing for North Carolina’s children.”

This is fantastic news since the General Assembly serverly cut funds to the Smart Start and Pre K this summer.  Excellent job grant writers.  Our children are our future leaders.

NEGOTIATE: How To Buy The Home You Love At The Price You Want | Wilmington NC real estate

{short description of image}Found the home of your dreams? Now the negotiations begin.The agent you’re working with can guide you through the process of making a purchase offer. You’ll want to start by learning as much as you can about how much the property is worth.

Check the comparables

Your agent has up-to-the-minute price data at hand to help you analyze any comparable properties; just ask. Although every home is unique, here’s some of what makes a home “comparable” to the one you’re considering purchasing:

same neighborhood;
same age and condition;
same size lot;
same home style–equivalent living space, number of rooms and baths;
similar terms of sale.

Follow sales price trends

Ask about recent pricing trends in the neighborhood. Specifically, what has been the average difference between listing price and sales price for recent sales of comparable homes? What is the ratio of assessed tax value to market value?

Offer what you think the house is worth

Some asking prices have built-in padding, but others are already priced to sell. You could lose a well-priced home with a low-ball bid. Remember, a lower mortgage interest rate will allow you to borrow more and pay a higher price for a home without increasing your monthly payment.

Spell out the details

Consider getting a pre-purchase appraisal and home inspection. The appraisal will give an independent valuation of the property, and the inspection will help identify any potential problems you may have overlooked. Consider including a contingency making the contract subject to a satisfactory appraisal and inspection.

Evaluate contingencies

The contract can also be contingent upon an attorney’s review, previous home sale, and acceptable mortgage loan terms, etc. Contingencies are typically used to smooth acceptance of an offer without delaying the final decision. Too many contingencies, however, weaken your bargaining position.

Know what’s important to you

Prioritize the elements of the sale on paper (“must” and “want”) and decide where you have negotiating room–what you’ll give up or accept in exchange for a concession. Items frequently negotiated include adjustments for needed or requested repairs, what personal property stays and what goes with the seller, points and closing costs, and move-in date. Knowing exactly what you want and where you are willing to bargain is your most important negotiating tool in buying Wilmington NC real estate.

Put everything in the first purchase offer

If the first offer is accepted it may be too late to add anything. Include a financial statement. Do all negotiating in writing with a deadline for a response, often 48 hours. You are free to cancel an offer until it is accepted by the seller. Require that your binder or deposit be held in an escrow account with the interest credited to you.

Be Patient

Negotiating could take several days. Be patient; you won’t want to rush into one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.

We can help

If you’d like help finding your dream home, please call or e-mail us. We’ll help with your home search and will give you all the important information we can provide to help you make the right offer for the right Wilmington NC home.

Six Tips For Getting The Best Loan | Wilmington NC real estate

For most of us, shopping for a new home also means shopping for a home mortgage. In both exercises, you’ll want to be a smart shopper. Working together, we can find a house you’ll love. And while it’s not likely you’ll actually “love” your new mortgage, here are six secrets to make sure your financing needs and the lender you’re considering are a good match.

1. Mortgage pre-approval.

{short description of image}A no-cost, no-obligation pre-approval before you start house hunting can save you big time. The seller knows you’re a “cash buyer” and may favor your purchase offer over another. Find a lender who offers pre-approval. That’s not the same as “instant approval,” which is often an approval loaded with qualifications. Nor is it a how-much-can-I-afford “pre-qualification” estimate, which doesn’t give you the same bargaining clout.

2. Quick loan processing.

Some lenders offer actual mortgage approval in just 5 to 7 days, and electronic underwriting is sometimes even faster. Ask about it. This quick turn-around could get you to settlement sooner, which may make you the most attractive potential buyer to your seller and may mean less time in temporary housing.

3. Flexible underwriting guidelines.

Some lenders count the earnings of a spouse who doesn’t yet have a job in the new location but has at least a two-year work history. That kind of flexibility may make you eligible to purchase the home you want.

4. Variety of mortgage products.

Perhaps you’ll do best with a short-term mortgage or an adjustable-rate loan or two-step plan. Find a lender who offers a selection of mortgages and even unique mortgage products that suit your situation best.

5. Rate-lock options.

Find out what rate-lock options are available from the lender. The shorter the lock time — that is, the less time between when you agree on a mortgage rate and when you actually go to settlement — the lower the interest rate you’ll have to pay.

6. Negotiable lender fees.

Go to a lender whose fees are reasonable. Question extra charges, such as a “commitment fee” or “underwriting fee” or “processing fee.” Mortgage lending is competitive and lenders often will negotiate fees to get your business.

We can work together to find the house that’s right. And we can talk about how to make sure the loan is right, too. Please give us a call or send an e-mail.

Should I Pay My Landlords Mortgage | Rent vs. Buy | Wilmington NC real estate


Whether To Buy Or To Rent?

At one time or another, two questions cross the minds of most renters.


Should I be buying a home instead of renting?

  • Could I buy a home even if I wanted to?If you — or someone you know — are on the fence about buying or continuing to rent, consider these four steps to a realistic decision.1. Analyze. The first step is to analyze the key reasons for considering a change. Are you settling down from a life on the move, when renting seemed less restrictive than owning a home? Is your family growing, requiring more space that is hard to come by in a reasonably priced rental? Are you a habitual renter who, until your monthly payments started going up, has believed that life is simpler if you rent a home rather than own one? Have you always dreamed of owning your own home, but thought the process of buying too complex and your resources too meager?

    2. Know the difference. Take a close look at what homeowning means and how it differs from renting. Homeowning involves, of course, many things besides keeping a roof over your head. You acquire, along with a structure, the responsibility for maintenance and repair. Most homeowners find the benefits of owning far outweigh the upkeep efforts — and many homeowners enjoy the responsibilities.

    When you own your home, you can express yourself in ways impossible in rental properties. From remodeling to landscaping to pet-keeping, the home you own gives you a sense of uniqueness and proprietorship you don’t have when you rent. In your own home, you can:

  • Relax in the security of owning the roof over your head.
  • Realize savings in the tax advantages of homeownership.
  • Put down roots and become more involved in the community you’re living in.3. Study the financial picture. If these homeowning advantages appeal to your heart and head, you’re ready to examine your financial capabilities. Bear in mind:
  • Homeowners receive great tax breaks, including the ability to deduct mortgage interest expenses and sell with tax-free capital gains within limits.
  • Monthly payments go into your own investment, not your landlord’s pocket.
  • While monthly rent payments go up over the years, you can take out a fixed-rate home loan to have the same mortgage payment as long as you keep the home.4. Get the facts. Now is a great time to buy a home thanks to an excellent selection of homes on the market, flexible sellers and a wide variety of loan programs to choose from. Contact us, and we’d be happy to help you achieve the dream of homeownership.
  • 5. Call us.  Our expertise is working with first time home buyers.  Use our knowledge and experience to help educate yourself in the real estate market of Wilmington NC.  There are tax advantages to owning your home.  Please visit for all your Wilmington NC real estate questions and to search real time for your home.

New Hanover County’s credit rating restored to Triple A Bond Rating | Wilmington NC real estate

New Hanover County’s credit rating restored to stable status | Cape Fear Watchdog$.

Awesome news about New Hanover County’s credit rating being restored to Triple A by Moody’s Investor Service.  Moody’s had downgraded the rating a couple of months ago.  Talks with New Hanover County and reassessing some information that Moody’s had gathered about the amount of Federal goverment help that the County needed turned the decision around.  To have a Triple a credit rating is the highest a County can have.  Only 5 Counties in North Carolina have attained this rating.  Back to business New Hanover… Fantastic.

Awesome Wrightsville Beach Waterfront reduced $249,000 to $1,750,000| Wilmington NC real estate

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Wrightsville Beach | Wilmington NC real estate.

Spectacular dream home on Banks Channel with over 4100 sq. ft. of gorgeous living area. 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths in a well thought out open, floorplan with ELEVATOR. Incredible views await you from most every room including large decks from the owners suite and main living area. Vintage inspired kitchen w/bead board cabinets, Champagne and cream granite counters, kitchen island with built-in gas, downdraft cook top, and 2 raised breakfast bars. And a breakfast room with uninterrupted views of the channel and your private pier with floating dock and 2 boat lifts. One is a 13000 lb. lift for your fishing machine and the other a 3000 lb. lift for smaller pleasure craft. A recently new bulkhead was installed along the beautiful backyard with sod, knockout roses and other indigenous shrubs and bushes. The large owners suite has beautiful Brazilian Cherry floors and a fireplace that is shared with the spa like master bath offering unsurpassed views from the 2 man whirlpool and separate walk shower. A perfect example of Wilmington NC real estate on Wrightsville Beach.

Over 4100 sq. ft. 5 BR, 4.5 bath dream home on Banks Channel with private pier, floating dock/gazebo and 2 boat lifts. Incredible Views. Prepare to stay awhile, because you have just found your new home.

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