When the Prophet Says Buy – BUY! | Wilmington NC real esate

When the Prophet Says Buy – BUY!.

I came across this great blog, Keeping Current Matters KCM.  Goldman Sachs investment banker, turned author and economic consultant, John R. Talbott has some good advice.  In the past 9 years his advice has been right on.  When home prices started a huge upward trend in 2003 he published a book “The Coming Crash in the Housing Market”, correctly warning us that a real estate bubble was forming.  In his second book “Sell Now! The End of the Housing Bubble” in January 2006 he warned that home prices had hit a peak.

Mr. Talbott has now made another prediction – IT IS THE TIME TO BUY A HOME! 

“I have been waiting for more than five years to offer this advice. It is now time in most cities across the country to buy a new home or refinance your existing home with thirty-year fixed rate mortgage debt.”

He goes on to explain that his conclusion is based on four different metrics, all of which favor buying today:

  • Home Prices Relative to Peak Prices During the Bubble
  • Home Prices Relative to Construction Costs or Replacement Costs
  • Home Prices Relative to Incomes and Rents
  • Home Prices in Real Terms, Not US Dollar Terms “

Full details here….

Sounds like good advice. Low prices and low interest rates.  Get started looking at Wilmington NC real estate now and let us know how we can help. Enjoy….


Wilmington NC Real Estate

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