The Market has been hot and the inventory is low.

The Market has been hot and the inventory is low.

Right Sales Price For Seller Is Buyer’s Call

Proper pricing is critical to a timely sale in any market. Yet, some home sellers today still want to set their price in relation to what their neighbors have sold for or are asking now, sometimes ignoring current market conditions and the differences between homes. When pricing a home — especially in today’s housing market — we find it’s helpful for sellers to understand what governs a buyer’s decision to purchase.

Here’s a quick look at how buyers view price:

  • Monthly payments are usually more important to buyers than the sales price.
  • The “out of pocket” cash needed at settlement/closing is a big factor with buyers.
  • All buyers want to cash in on a good deal.
  • Buyers have often shopped the competition and know how your home compares.
  • Buyers recognize value and shy away from overpriced homes.
  • Buyers don’t want to pay for your mistakes (paying too much when you purchased, over-improving the home, poor-quality remodeling jobs, etc.).
  • Buyers have no interest in how much money you need to realize from the sale to make your next move.
  • Buyers who work with a buyer’s agent mean business. They are ready to negotiate and close a deal.

Look at your competition and compare… for all your Wilmington NC real estate needs.

Your Future Is Now
No matter what your 2013 move may be in real estate, we have you covered. Our professional services can help you sell your home and find a new home to love — or help you with a smart investment purchase. We are your go-to people for all your real estate needs all year long. Feel free to contact us whether you’re just in the information-gathering stage or you’re ready to make your move. We look forward to working with you!

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