For Sale By Owner? Help Here

Wilmington NC real estate

NO RISK Real Estate Services!

 (No Excuses, Either.)

If  you have recently decided to sell your home For Sale By Owner,  it’s exciting, and a bit frightening at the same time, isn’t it?  You clean the house from top to bottom.  Maybe you even repaint some rooms.  Then you place your sign in the yard, perhaps place an ad in the local paper, and plan an open house.

I wonder if your decision to sell For Sale By Owner was made due to a bad experience selling a previous home with a Real Estate Agent.  If so, you’ve probably heard some of these excuses:

“It’s a slow market – nothing is selling.”

“The bad weather has really kept people from looking.”

“My broker won’t let me advertise in (fill in the blanks).”

Or, the worst one of all (in my opinion)…

“I don’t know why it didn’t sell.”

 The truth is there are no excuses.  Making excuses doesn’t get the job done, does it?  Had you been counseled correctly from the beginning, and had you chosen an agent who aggressively MARKETED your property instead of trying to SELL it, you would have had a better experience, and might have made a different choice this time.

If that’s the case, I want you to know that there are reputable, professional agents out there.

If you experienced an agent who thinks the MLS and a sign was going to sell your home, you’ll appreciate my Agressive  Marketing Strategy to get your home SOLD.

It’s your choice whether to stay For Sale By Owner or to learn more about my services.  If you’re intrigued…  If you want to know more…contact us or go to our website,

Let us help you to helping you get your property sold for top dollar.


Baker Wayne and Associates

P.S. My services are backed up by a No-Risk Guarantee.

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