Hire a Buyer’s Agent For Free | How A Buyer Agent Can Benefit You in Wilmington, NC

If you are considering taking advantage of the current “Buyers Market” you may also want to consider the numerous advantages of having your own representation through a Buyers Agent. Our wonderful team of professional, experienced agents will work exclusively for you in the following areas.

  • *Meet with you personally and at your convenience to determine your specific goals and needs
  • *Explain the importance of establishing a working agency relationship so your interests are protected form the beginning.
  • *Assist you in finding the right lender who will pre-approve you before you begin your property search thereby increasing you negotiating power.
  • *Establish a custom property search directed towards your specific criteria to define only those homes which interest you.
  • *Schedule appointments for private viewings of the homes you’ve selected.
  • *Review and explain in detail the offer to purchase and strategize the best approach to get your offer accepted.
  • *Continuous dialogue with lender to insure loan process is proceeding smoothly and has been submitted for final approval.
  • *Request survey if required or requested.
  • *Assist you in locating a Homeowner’s Insurance provider and insure the information has been delivered to the lender and closing attorney.
  • *Follow up with lender on final loan approval and schedule final inspection of repairs completed by the seller.
  • *Recommend qualified attorney for closing and coordinate loan package delivery from lender to attorney.
  • *Personally meet with you to review closing statement/HUD to verify final closing figures and make any necessary corrections prior to closing.
  • *Assist you in establishing utilities in your name.
  • *Attend closing with you and notify you when the property has been recorded so that you may be given the keys to your new home.
  • *Be available to you after closing should you have any additional questions about the home you purchased. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to meet with one of our experienced, professional agents to get you started in your home search.
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