The Daze of Lumina Pavillion | Save the Date Lumina Daze 2011 | August 28 2011

Lumina Daze.

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The Daze of Lumina Pavillion are fond memories of many local residents.  It was “The” place to go for music, dancing, beach time and watching movies on a huge screen on Wrightsville Beach.  The Wrightsville Beach Museum is hosting the Daze of Lumina to benefit the Museum.  Tickets are $15.00 .  Food and Drink will be available through the Blockade Runner Resort.  You can purchase tickets here. 


“The island’s first structure was the Carolina Yacht Club, built in 1853. A train track was built in 1888 from the mainland to Harbor Island to the exterior island along the beach, which brought vacationers from nearby Wilmington and spurred development. In 1902, the train was converted to electric streetcars—i.e., the beach trolley. The most significant structure on the island was the large dance floor and entertainment center, the Lumina Pavilion, which opened in 1905. In its heyday, it attracted numerous entertainers, including most of the famous Big Bands. Cars were finally allowed on the beach in 1935, hastening the demise of the beach trolley, which last ran in 1940. Lumina closed in 1973.”

“The Wrightsville Beach Museum of History, housed in a relocated cottage built in 1907 on Salisbury Street near the entrance to the island, features the town’s history. Many tourists come to see Wrightsville’s history and beaches.”

Please join us for the 13th Annual Lumina Daze Celebration at the Blockade Runner 274 Waynick Blvd.  Wrightsville Beach for a night of  music with 5 bands, dancing and silent auction.  Food and Drink will be available for purchase by Blockade Runner Resort.   Purchase Tickets Here…  or 

 Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

303 W. Salisbury St.
P.O. Box 584
Wrightsville Beach, NC

(910) 256-2569