Four Ways Home Sellers Can Respond To A Purchase Offer

Wilmington NC real estateWhen a home is for sale, a homebuyer who wants to purchase the property will submit a purchase offer to the seller. The offer is valid for a specified amount of time.

Sellers can do one of four things with the contract:

1. Accept contract as-is.

The seller agrees to the offered price and terms and signs the contract. Next step is for buyer to proceed to get closed/settled on home (arrange inspections, finalize financing, etc.).

2. Counter contract with different price, terms, conditions.

Most often, sellers may take issue with the price and/or terms or conditions offered. To keep the negotiation going, sellers may counter on any part of the contract. Buyers should be prepared to accept the counteroffer or continue negotiating.

3. Reject contract in its entirety.

It’s possible that the purchase offer is too unrealistic (too low of a price offered, unrealistic terms, etc.) and the seller will choose to not counteroffer. Ensure that there is open communication between the real estate professionals representing each side to resurrect negotiations or submit a new, revised purchase offer based on seller feedback.

4. Let the contract expire.

Very rarely would a motivated seller allow a contract to expire. Again, make sure the lines of communication are clear between the real estate professionals involved if this appears likely.

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USDA 100% Financing in Wilmington NC | Real Estate

Rates are still down, now is the time to buy a home.

Wilmington NC real estate

There is still USDA 100% financing money available on certain homes in the area. This is a possible Scenario –

$100000.00 Purchase Price

2% Guarantee Fee ($2000.00) added to the purchase price equals a financed amount of $102000.00

If the interest rate were 3.875% (APR 4.12%) the principal and interest would be $479.64

***then add the monthly amount of .03% which in this example would be $30.60***

The payment is $510.24 before taxes and insurance

Click Here for a partial list of USDA homes in New Hanover County –

USDA is still an amazing loan and this monthly fee should not discourage buyers from using this program because this is most often the most economical way to purchase a home.

Kristina McLeod

New American Mortgage

USDA Quick Guidelines

· 100% Financing on a low 30 year fixed rate
· No PMI
· 2% Guarantee Fee (Ex. Purchase price $100000.00…

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ENERGY SAVERS – Keep your Kitchen from Eating Your Income.

Wilmington NC real estate

 Kitchens are energy-intensive rooms thanks to modern appliances designed to make life, and eating, easier. The U.S. Department of Energy offers the following tips for cutting energy consumption in the kitchen without sacrificing convenience.

Skip the pilot light. If you’re thinking of replacing your current range or oven with a new gas model, opt for a unit with an electronic ignition. Pilot lights burn gas–and money–24 hours a day.

Check the flames. If gas is being burned efficiently by your range or oven, the flames should be blue. If they’re yellow, call in a professional to have the unit adjusted or repaired.

Clean range burners and pans. Clean burners and pans reflect heat better, thus using less energy.

Turn off early. Electric ovens retain heat for quite a while after they are turned off. By turning the heat off several minutes early, you can use the…

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For Sale By Owner? Help Here

Wilmington NC real estate

NO RISK Real Estate Services!

 (No Excuses, Either.)

If  you have recently decided to sell your home For Sale By Owner,  it’s exciting, and a bit frightening at the same time, isn’t it?  You clean the house from top to bottom.  Maybe you even repaint some rooms.  Then you place your sign in the yard, perhaps place an ad in the local paper, and plan an open house.

I wonder if your decision to sell For Sale By Owner was made due to a bad experience selling a previous home with a Real Estate Agent.  If so, you’ve probably heard some of these excuses:

“It’s a slow market – nothing is selling.”

“The bad weather has really kept people from looking.”

“My broker won’t let me advertise in (fill in the blanks).”

Or, the worst one of all (in my opinion)…

“I don’t know why it didn’t sell.”

 The truth is there are no excuses.  Making excuses doesn’t get the job done, does it?  Had you been counseled correctly from the beginning, and had you chosen an agent who aggressively MARKETED your property instead of trying to SELL it, you would have had a better experience, and might have made a different choice this time.

If that’s the case, I want you to know that there are reputable, professional agents out there.

If you experienced an agent who thinks the MLS and a sign was going to sell your home, you’ll appreciate my Agressive  Marketing Strategy to get your home SOLD.

It’s your choice whether to stay For Sale By Owner or to learn more about my services.  If you’re intrigued…  If you want to know more…contact us or go to our website,

Let us help you to helping you get your property sold for top dollar.


Baker Wayne and Associates

P.S. My services are backed up by a No-Risk Guarantee.

Golf Course Homes | Wilmington NC Real Estate, Wilmington NC Homes for Sale, Wrightsville Beach Homes

Golf Course Homes | Wilmington NC Real Estate, Wilmington NC Homes for Sale, Wrightsville Beach Homes.

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