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“How much will it cost to sell my Wilmington NC  home?” The answer to that common question generally falls into 3 major categories: fixing to sell, closing the sale, and moving.

You may have additional expenses connected with buying and settling into a new home: trips to your new area while house hunting, meals, lodging, buying furnishings, etc. Some of these expenses are tax deductible, but only if you are being transferred by an employer (who does not reimburse you) or are moving to a new job.

Here are the major expense categories:

  • Fixing to sell: This is not the time to add on or remodel the kitchen or make other major improvements – even though many such improvements often pay, at least partially, for themselves when you sell. Now is the time to make your home fresh, clean, and neat, with an eye to getting your top price. This may call for buying paint, soap, wax, putty, tiling, carpeting or plumbing parts. It may also call for paying professional carpenters, plumbers, yard and cleaning people to do the work for you.
  • Closing costs: As a seller, you can typically look forward to more income than outlay, especially if you’ve built up a substantial amount for your home equity. Possible refunds may include money you’ve already paid on your mortgage, insurance premiums, future property taxes, service contracts, heating fuel you’ll turn over to the buyer, utility deposits and the balance of any escrow funds held by your mortgage lender.
  • Moving costs. If you choose not to move yourself, or if you aren’t being reimbursed by your employer, your largest moving expense is apt to be your professional mover. Moving companies provide a variety of services and a range of fees. To save as much as possible, shop for the best combination of rates, services and insurance, plus reputation for reliability. A non-binding estimate is apt to be lower than a binding one, but there’s no guarantee that your belongings won’t exceed the estimated volume or weight. The best tack is to go for a “binding-or-less” estimate, which should include not only volume or weight but, also, unforeseen expenses at your destination (extra carrying distance, bad weather, etc.)

Some other cost-saving tips: take only what you’ll use at your new home; do your own packing; insure your belongings sufficiently; take your valuables with you, personally, or send them by registered or insured mail.

Although we advise sellers to realistically anticipate their selling expenses, the bottom line is how much cash a seller walks away with after sale. If you’re interested in selling soon, we’ll be happy to provide a Net Proceeds Analysis for your house. Your call is welcome any time.

Seven Smart Ways To Reduce Your Mortgage Rate | Wilmington NC real estate

After you get a comfort zone about shopping for a mortgage, start looking for Wilmington NC real estate online ~
1. Compare Mortgage Companies
2. Float Down
Financial products introduced recently will lower your rate if market rates fall, but won’t raise it if rates creep up again.
3. Quick Close
If you can settle on your loan quickly (say, 30 days or less), some lenders will agree to shave percentage points off your rate.
4. Lock In
If you fear rates are going to rise, lock in early before they do. Some lenders allow a float-down option, but with an up-front fee.
5. Pay Points
If you’re willing to pay some interest up front (known as points), you can get a fixed-rate mortgage with a lower interest rate.
6. Stay Awhile
If you agree to keep the same loan for five years or longer, some lenders will cut their interest rate. If you do move or refinance before the agreed-upon deadline, you may have to pay a penalty of about 1% of your loan.
7. Use Good Credit To Negotiate
Do you have A-1 credit? If so, you’re a hot commodity for lenders. They may even be willing to reduce closing costs to get your business. If interest rates are firm, ask for a reduction in fees for document preparation, processing, courier services, copying, underwriting, appraisal or application. Other reductions might include: fewer or no points, lender’s attorney’s fee, commission rate (for mortgage brokers) and the credit check fee. On an adjustable rate mortgage, ask for a lower starting rate.

With so many options available, you may need a professional to help you choose the best program for your situation. Call us today to see what’s available in your area.  910-202-3607 or

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The Wilmington NC real estate market is hot.  The rates are still below 4% and we have some 100% USDA areas available for a short time.  To search real time, feel free to use our comprehensive website.  There is also buyer and seller information.  Please click photo to enter.  If you would like to search later, just visit or on your phone  Any questions, just give us a call. 910-202-3607 or 1-800-497-7325 x 3607.
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Test Drive Your Potential New Home First | Wilmington NC real estate

You found a home that you think you would like to live in.  The neighborhood looks like the neighborhood that you would like to live in.  The next thing you need to do is literally before you buy your first home, drive from and to the new address from your work during morning and evening drive times. Are there alternate routes? How long does it take to get to work? Schools? Supermarket? Convenience stores? Is parking adequate on street, off street or in a garage? Will the morning or evening sun be a headache? Note your location 15 minutes and 30 minutes from your first home. Now use that distance on a map as a radius to get a sense of your circle of community. Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars. Knowing how much time can help you decide if a new home is right for you. You want to make the right decision for all the right reasons.  Finding out after the sale that you do not like the commute will take away part of the new found happiness of buying your new home.  In the Wilmington NC real estate market it is suggested that you go through this exercise before you put in a contract on a home.  To learn more buying tips see my Wilmington NC newsletter for buyers and sellers here.

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Wilmington NC Military Appreciation Family Day | Wilmington NC real estate

Wilmington NC Military Appreciation Family Day | Outdoor Activities / Festivals | What’s on Wilmington.

To all those that have or are currently served in the Armed Forces… Thank you.  UNCW greatly appreciates the military and is having an all day free festival May 7  the UNCW MarineQuest Center is having a Wilmington NC Military Appreciation Family Day. 

This all-day event features families exploring the coastal and marine habitats of the Wrightsville Beach area aboard UNCW’s research vessel Cape Fear, and also riding waves with Indo Jax Surf School.

 This is a free program sponsored by UNCW MarineQuest, the Center For Marine Science Marine Operations and Indo Jax Surfing School. Each child (ages 10 to 17) must be accompanied by a parent. Space is limited and registration is required.
 More Info:

Phone: (910) 962-2640

The marine quest center is a site to be seen even by itself.  A great piece of Wilmington NC real estate owned by UNCW.  If you come into town for the event and want to look at real estate in Wilmington NC please feel free to visit

State of the Wilmington NC City Address 2011| Wilmington NC real estate

State of the City Address 2011.

Mayor Bill Saffo – State of the City Wilmington NC 2011

Mayor Bill Saffo gave the State of the City Address last night at the City Council Chambers in downtown Wilmington.  The highlights were the various projects that have been ongoing in 2010, from the Riverwalk project, Front Street Renovations, Wilmington Convention Center, Empie Park sports fields, Sewer Renovations and the Across City Trail.  Mayor Saffo talked in length about the budget and the cuts that have had to be made, to keep the the economic development and infrastructure improvements ongoing. He thanked al the city employees and volunteers that have had to do more with less.  For 2011 fiscal year the city is looking at cutting between 5 and 15 percent for each department, depending on the trickle down s$3.7 billion shortfall from the state.  The budget gap for 2011 – 2012 is expected to be $7.3 million dollars.  The City has had to re-evaluate and prioritize projects because of the recession and tighten it’s belt on certain projects.  Saffo said “like the homeowner that has had to put renovation projects on hold, the City has had to do the same. But even with all of these successes and:

1. a balanced budget
2. a double A+ bond rating
3. money in our savings account

Wilmington, like many other cities in our nation, is facing challenging times. The City of Wilmington, like other cities in the state, receives a significant amount of money from the state government.
We have asked our state delegation not to cut funding for the city to balance their shortfall.
This is the City of Wilmington’s strategic plan……….a road map if you will outlining the priorities for our city created by city council.”
To view the whole speech, click here.

Wilmington NC Weather service warns of freezing pipes | Look after your Wilmington NC real estate

Weather service warns of overnight chill, freezing pipes – Behind the Yellow Tape – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive.

To all Wilmington NC real estate owners and renters, tempertures will be in the teens tonight, the weather service advises to make sure all pets and livestock are inside for the night, and to make sure that exposed pipes are insulated.  Let your faucets drip throughout the house, to help prevent damage. 

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Stay warm…

The Worlds Largest Christmas Tree | Wilmington NC real estate

Wilmington NC Worlds Largest Christmas Tree | Star News Photo

The Worlds Largest Christmas tree lighting ceremony which has been held every year since 1928 (except the one year during World War II), unfortunately will not be held this year. The tree will be lit, but there will not be a ceremony and access to the tree will be limited. The age and health of the tree has been a concern in prior years. The City of Wilmington is doing renovations at the Sweeney plant next to the tree, and these are safety concerns as well. To upgrade and accommodate changes to make the area around the tree safe is not in the City budget.

So, we will have to view the tree from afar, and visit the new tree and Santa’s house on the downtown Wilmington NC riverfront. This new tree will be lit at 5:45 – Friday November 26, 2010 at 5:45 Riverfront Park. Maybe next year tree will make another grand appearance. Until then, we can still say Wilmington NC has the “Worlds Largest Christmas tree” but with a quiet ceremony. On a quick note, the Department of Parks and Recreation would like to bring the tree back to life with fertilizers, frequent trimmings and taking the metal poles down surrounding the tree. The department did wonders in bring back the beloved “Airlie Oak” in Airlie Gardens. We would love to see that happen.!

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