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With our mild climate, you will truly enjoy year round golfing at the many golf courses throughout the Cape Fear Region . Whatever your handicap, there are more than twenty courses in and around Wilmington that are a pleasure to walk. Some of the courses were designed by some of golf’s greatest names including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Fred Couples and P.B. Dye, among others. Some of the Wilmington courses are listed below.

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  • Wilmington Municipal Golf Course 311 S Wallace Ave. 791-0558

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests about golf homes for sale or golf course real estate in Wilmington, NC, or any location in the Cape Fear Region. We have lived here all our lives and can help match a neighborhood with a home and schools. We know where the best shopping is and all the main attractions. If you are looking for a second home or investment property in Wilmington, NC, there are still real deals in the great coastal area, but you will need a real estate expert to help you. We are experienced real estate professional’s who has decades of home buying and selling experience in golf properties in Wilmington, NC area.

Baker Wayne and Associates has the knowledge and experience to assist you in the purchase of your dream home in a golf course community.

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Green Energy Audit of your Home | Wilmington NC real estate

Discover Your Home’s Green Factor… And Improve It

Before you jump on the green bandwagon, take time to have an energy audit performed on your Wilmington NC home. An energy audit outlines the energy use and leakage (or waste) in a home by measuring various systems and components. Local utility companies often offer free or discounted energy audits to customers, or you can hire a home energy professional — call us for a referral. If you are thinking of selling your home, audits provide valuable energy-efficiency information to attract prospective buyers. Here is what to expect with an energy audit.


  • Before the energy audit takes place, make note of all energy issues and concerns you have with your home, listing drafty window/door locations or fireplace flues, condensation problems, multi-pane window seal breaches, etc. (This also is a great to-do list before you put your home on the market.)
  • Collect utility bills from the entire previous year or two for review. (This info is also valuable to potential buyers of your home; make it available if you list your home for sale. Be sure to include usage units, as well as dollar costs.)
  • Think about your lifestyle — how high or low the thermostat is kept in various seasons; how many people, if any, are home during the day; how different parts of the home are used — or not used; etc.


  • Physical features of the home, including wall area and number and size of windows, will be analyzed by the auditor.
  • Equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras may be used to determine energy leakage.
  • If possible, accompany the auditor during this analysis.
  • Usually, only major problem areas are discovered during this analysis, but starting at this point will allow you to prioritize what tasks should be addressed.


The final energy audit report provides you with valuable information about your home. It assists you in understanding:

  • Your home’s energy-related shortcomings.
  • What effective energy-saving improvements can remediate the problems.
  • The costs involved.

Remember, there are always numerous possible improvements that can be made to your home to increase its energy efficiency and, most importantly, lower your utility bills. Some of these improvements will be more costly than others; some will offer a faster return on investment. Energy audits help you prioritize making improvements to your home, as well as creating a list of areas to address in order to market your home as a “green” home when it comes time to sell.

Selling For Top Dollar Is Proof-Positive

When you’re thinking of selling your home — now or in the future — an audit is a useful tool to boost the value of your home in buyers’ eyes. This is especially true if the final report shows that the home is already energy-efficient or that you have made significant upgrades to increase its energy efficiency.


7 Avoidable Mistakes Emotional Sellers Make | Wilmington NC Real Estate

Let’s face it — the decision to sell a Wilmington NC real estate home is often not an easy one. It means accepting the idea that the marketplace will determine the value of what’s probably your largest asset. It means allowing strangers to critique your home-improvement and décor decisions. And it means leaving behind memories and relationships that are closely tied to your home.

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, however, it’s time to put emotions aside. Letting your emotions stay in control could leave you making reflexive, hasty decisions that aren’t financially sound. Selling your home is simply a business transaction, and that’s what you need to focus on.

Keep reading to learn how you can avoid 7 common emotion-charged mistakes that could cost you time, money and unnecessary stress.

MISTAKE #1: Waiting for a better offer. Hindsight is 20/20, and experienced home sellers know the first offer is often the best — possibly only — offer they’ll get. Don’t let pride get in the way of treating that first offer carefully, weighing it against the carrying costs and inconvenience of holding out for a better deal. With an offer in hand, you can negotiate to a better deal and move toward your goal — selling your home.

MISTAKE #2: Not relying on professional help. Selling a home in today’s market is complex, litigious and taxing. When you work with real estate professionals, you know that we are there to dot every “i” and cross every “t” for you. When we take care of the details, you can focus on the plans you have for after your home is sold!

MISTAKE #3: Forgetting to focus on the future. Sellers tend to be tied to their home since it’s been the center of their lives. However, with a business-like focus on future plans, sellers can pack up emotions and memories with their belongings, knowing the home must be sold to move forward.

MISTAKE #4: Overpricing. Some sellers attempt to add up every last cent they put into their home and fabricate their listing price so as to get it all back. However, your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it in today’s market — especially when compared to other homes in the area. Buyers don’t care about your profit or loss on the home; they care about getting a reasonable deal in the current market. Overpricing won’t sell your home, but it will cost you added time until you have to lower the price closer to or even below market value to re-spark buyer attention.

MISTAKE #5: Hovering. It’s imperative that sellers get out of the home for all showings so buyers can relax and view the entire home. Also, sellers who overhear buyers’ comments may unfairly develop negative feelings toward the buyers, which could affect negotiations.

It’s not about you. It’s about selling a product.

MISTAKE #6: Taking offers personally. When buyers make an offer on a home, they are looking to buy a commodity — a set of features they hope will turn into a home for themselves. Offers are not a comment on your upkeep of the home, your style or you. Step back. Look at all offers as a simple business transaction. Buyers are looking for the best price and may list every problem they see in the hopes of justifying a discount. This level of interest can work to your advantage though, as it indicates the buyer is motivated. Sometimes swapping a conveyance or closing date can smooth the deal on another low-cost issue.

MISTAKE #7: Encouraging a bidding war. Nothing is giddier than multiple buyers offering competing bids on your property, but beware of getting greedy. If a buyer bids far more than the property is worth, that same buyer may not be able to close the deal should the appraisal come in lower than the contract price. Either the deal falls through, you and the buyer renegotiate the price or the buyer must increase the down payment to compensate for overbidding (less likely). Just be aware that a “too high” contract price can backfire.

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For FSBO Sellers | INCENTIVES: 12 Contract Optons That Entice Buyers

Wilmington NC real estate

How to be the big fish in house selling. We want to wish you the best of luck in your efforts to sell your own home. It can be a daunting task to go it on your own, but some people are cut out for the many planning, preparation, marketing and negotiation responsibilities selling a home today demands. You may very well be one of them.

You’re bound to have some questions in the days ahead. We hope you’ll think about giving us a call if you do. We’re happy to give you selling information. Perhaps in return you could refer to us any buyers who pass on your home because they have different requirements.

Again, best of luck in selling Wilmingtn NC real estate and we hope we can work together soon.

If you’re selling in today’s market, you want to make your house outshine the competition. Buyers are most likely to choose your house if it offers something special. Here are 12 ways to make sure you land a “Sale, Sweet Sale.”

A Spoonful Of Sugar

1. Offer a warranty.

Purchase a buyer’s home warranty to protect against future problems.

2. Help with closing costs.

Cash-poor buyers concerned more with out-of-pocket costs than monthly payments will especially appreciate this one.

3. Consider financing help.

Provide seller financing or buy down the buyer’s mortgage rate for the first year.

4. Help with utilities.

Pay some or all estimated utilities for 6 or 12 months.

5. Help with fees.

Pay a year’s condominium or homeowners association fees.

6. Pre-pay memberships.

Buy a one-year pool or community golf club membership, cable TV subscription, or other recreational activity.

7. Consider a moving allowance.

Pay the buyer’s documented moving expenses, or provide an allowance toward moving costs.

8. Treat them to window treatments.

Offer redecorating cash for new carpet or drapes.

9. Mow down any objections.

Buy a lawn-maintenance service for a year, or offer a riding mower if the lot is large.

10. Give them a dock on the bay.

If you live in a waterfront community, offer to rent a boat slip for a year.

11. Reimburse buyer the cost of points.

{short description of image}This is often a double benefit for buyers, who save both on the points themselves and on their federal taxes. The IRS now allows buyers to deduct the cost of seller-paid points as a Schedule A mortgage expense.

12. Price your home below comparable properties.

Prove your home’s good value by having an appraisal done and setting the price below the appraised amount.

Call on us for more ideas of ways to make your home the sweetest one on the market. We’ll create a customized marketing program to help get your home sold in any market!

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TIMING: Seven Buying and Selling Secrets To Know Before You Relocate | Wimington NC real estatee

The secret to a successful relocation is timing — synchronized buying, moving and selling. Good timing just takes a little advance planning that puts you in control. Here are seven relocation secrets to make your move work smoothly for you.

1. Sell First

Ideally, you should sell your current home first in order to have all your financial resources available to purchase your next home. You want to avoid waiting until the closing on your new home forces you to sell your old home under the gun. Note that in some markets today, houses are moving so quickly that sellers will not even consider taking a contingency clause that postpones their sale until the buyer’s home sells. Setting the right price for your home and having a customized marketing plan are your best bets for bringing about a quick sale.

2. Find Out What You Can Afford

{short description of image}While your house is on the market, look at what’s available to buy within your price range in your destination area. Your perfect house is out there, but take as much time as you can to find it. It’s not just the house you’ll have to live with — you’ll want to find out about the neighborhood, the schools, proximity to shopping, etc. before you commit to your next home.

3. Shop For A Loan Before You Shop For A House

Try to lock in the best rate you can find. Get pre-approved for financing so you have more bargaining power when you bid on a house. With a pre-approved loan, you’ll be able to go to closing on your new house faster.

4. Coordinate Settlements And Moving Dates

Try to move directly from the old home to the new one. Sometimes you can rent back the old property for a few days or weeks if closing on the new one is delayed. Another alternative is an interim move to an apartment for a short time while waiting to close on the new house.

5. Begin Fix-Ups And Pre-Sale Improvements Early

Have any needed work completed before your house goes on the market. Consider having a home inspection early in the fix-up process so you know what’s important to repair or replace before you set the sales price for your house.

6. Work Closely With Your Agent

Make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed on time for both closings. You may save time and money for the buyer of your old home with lower “re-issue” fees by referring them to the previous providers of inspections, surveys, title insurance, etc. The information is in your settlement papers. And, if it’s a busy season, line up appointments in advance with the people you’ll need to close on your new house.

7. Avoid The Last-Minute Rush

Call us early. We’ll gather information and provide it to you quickly so you can make informed decisions and workable plans.  Search all Wilmington NC real estate on

Affordable Homes in Wilmington NC | Real Estate Neighborhoods

Yes, you can afford a home….

Here we are proud to offer you the latest homes listings in Wilmington NC affordable neighborhoods. Kay Baker & Associates have assisted hundreds of first time buyers every step of the way in their quest for the American Dream. And we are proud to assist you as well. From the prequalification process and finding the right loan for you to the intense but exciting home search and through the closing process and long after the movers have gone, we are with you. You will be in the hands of true professionals who are experienced in the entire home buying process from financing to negotiating and who truly care about you, the consumer . You will be informed of all homes that fit your search criteria in any of these starter neighborhoods. Click on any of these fine neighborhoods to search for affordable homes in Wilmington, NC.

Call Kay Baker today at 1-800-497-7325 Ex. 3607 or email

Alamosa Place
Bayshore Crossing
Belvedere Ext
Bent Tree
Bradley View Townhomes
Brewster Place
Brickstone Estates
Brooklyn Square
Campus Edge Condos
Caneel Cove
Cape Cottages
Capeside Village
Carleton Place
The Townes at Carleton Place
Carriage Hills
Cassimir Commons
Chandlers Watch Condos*
Chestnut Heights
Churchill Estates
Colonial Village
Courtney Pines
Eagles Nest
Echo East
English Moor at Westbay Estates
Farrington Farms
Forest Cove Townhomes
Fox Run Farm
Gordon Woods*
Green Meadows
Green View Ranches
Greenway Plantation
Greenway Village
Hawthorne Park
Heritage Park
Heritage Woods
Hermitage Woods
Hermitage Estates
Hinton Oaks
Holiday Hills
Hunting Ridge
Huntington Forest
Ivy Wood
Jacob’s Ridge
Kings Grant
Kirkwood at Arrondale
Lake Brewster
Laurel Ridge
Lord’s Creek
Mandeline Place
Marquis Hills*
Marshes at River’s Edge
McClelland Townhomes*
Monterey Heights
Montgomery Place
Mulberry Place
Myrtle Gardens
Newbury Woods*
Ogden Place
Oleander Court condo
Pine Valley Est
Piney Acres
Pontiac Place Condominiums
Poplar Grove Point
Porter’s Crossing
Prince George Estates
Putnam Run
Quail Woods
Queens Point
Sherwood Forest
Silva Terra
Silver Creek Village
Silver Lake
Smithcreek Estates
Spring View
Summer Glen
Sun Coast Villas
Sunset Park
The Courtyard
Sago Bay
Sea Pines
Shearin Hills
The Thickett
Treasure Cove
Victoria Place
Village of Kimberly
Village Square Townhomes
Walnut Hills
Westbay Estates
Whitney Pines*
Williamsburg Place
Willoughby Park
Wilshire Townhomes
Winds Ridge
Wrightsboro Acres

Coldwell Banker Finds Great Value in College Town Living | Wilmington NC real estate

Just released by Coldwell Banker:


PARSIPPANY, N.J. (Nov. 15, 2011)Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC today released its 2011 College Home Listing Report (College HLR), which ranks college towns across the country in home affordability. The report provides the average home listing prices for three-bedroom, two-bathroom properties that were listed for sale on between August 2010 and August 2011 in markets home to 117* of the 120 schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision.  According to the report, three-bedroom homes cost less than $200,000 on average in nearly two-thirds of the college towns included (76 markets) and less than $150,000 in nearly one-quarter (26 markets). In the most affordable market, Memphis, Tenn., (home to University of Memphis) the average listing price of a three-bedroom home is $89,244. The full ranking is available at“I love the College Home Listing Report, because it highlights the amazing affordability of the college towns that define the fabric of America,” said Jim Gillespie, chief executive officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “Our report underscores the homeownership opportunities in many of these vibrant, affordable communities that are known for their high energy, educational systems and often stable job markets.”

Gillespie can speak first-hand about the benefits of buying a home in a college town, having purchased a townhouse in Champaign, Ill., home to his alma mater, the University of Illinois. “I am a huge fan of the culture and events, and found this to be a wonderful investment and an excellent spot for my family when we come to see the Fighting Illini in action,” Gillespie said. “In Champaign, a three-bedroom home currently lists at an average of $178,310, which is remarkable considering its unbeatable Midwestern charm and location.”

Local Testaments to College Town Living
Big and small, affordable or more expensive, many residents and community members attest to all that college towns have to offer. For example, Evanston, Ill., home to Northwestern University, comes with a higher price tag, where an average three-bedroom home listing price is $385,540, but many say it is worth the cost.

“Evanston is a great community on the lakefront, just north of Chicago,” said Cornelia Steffes, manager of the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Evanston-Central office. “We have easy access to Lake Michigan, beaches and water sports. Plus, we have fabulous arts and culture, festivals and dining, sports and leisure. It is truly a world-class city in a world class location.”

Other iconic college towns such as Madison, Wis., home to the University of Wisconsin (where a three-bedroom home’s listing average is $221,100) and Gainesville, Fla., (University of Florida, $192,055) are known for both their college town spirit and affordability.

“One reason Madison is such a great place to live is because of the incredible vitality the University of Wisconsin provides in economic development,” said Phil Sveum, broker/owner of Coldwell Banker Success. “The impact of the university’s research and growth of bio-tech companies has translated to good jobs for those seeking to live in a highly educated environment with many of the cultural opportunities of much larger cities.” 

J. Parrish, president of Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors in Gainesville, Fla., notes that the town’s ties to the University of Florida are parallel to the beauty of the area. “Situated in the heart of beautiful north central Florida midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Gainesville’s carefully preserved nature basks in beautiful sunshine,” Parrish said. “This is truly a lovely, unique place to live.”

Below are the most affordable and most expensive markets. Visit to view the full College HLR and for more details. An infographic comparing the top 10 most expensive markets based on number of students, tuition and city population is also available at

Most Affordable Markets – Coldwell Banker 2011 College Home Listing Report

1)    Memphis, Tenn.  (University of Memphis) – $89,244
2)    Muncie, Ind. (Ball State University) – $107,346
3)    Ypsilanti, Mich.  (Eastern Michigan University) – $107,458
4)    Toledo, Ohio (University of Toledo) – $112,688
5)    Kalamazoo, Mich. (Western Michigan University) – $116,455
6)    Buffalo, N.Y. (University of Buffalo) – $123,212
7)    Las Vegas, Nev. (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) – $124,955
8)    Fort Worth, Texas (Texas Christian University) – $128,491
9)    Kent, Ohio (Kent State University) – $130,218
10)     Lafayette, Ind. (Purdue University) – $132,910

Most Expensive Markets – Coldwell Banker 2011 College Home Listing Report

1)    Westwood, Los Angeles, Calif. (University of California, Los Angeles) – $1,271,428
2)    Palo Alto, Calif.  (Stanford University) – $1,232,070
3)    Honolulu, Hawaii (University of Hawaii) – $779,419
4)    Los Angeles, Calif. (University of Southern California) – $733,473
5)    Boulder, Colo. (University of Colorado) – $731,617
6)    Berkeley, Calif. (University of California, Berkeley) – $695,520
7)    Chestnut Hill, Mass. (Boston College) – $669,617
8)    Seattle, Wash. (University of Washington) – $570,535
9)    San Jose, Calif. (San Jose State University) – $541,231
10)     Annapolis, Md. (United States Naval Academy) – $522,420

Methodology: College Home Listing Report
The Coldwell Banker College Home Listing Report includes residential real estate listings appearing on between August 2010 and August 2011 for real estate markets home to 117* of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools, which each had at least 10 home listings during the timeframe. This market data includes property listings from Coldwell Banker affiliates as well as listings from other Realogy franchise brands that fit the same three-bedroom, two-bathroom criteria. 

* Note: Tuscaloosa, AL, was not included out of respect for the damage caused by the April 27 tornado.   Bowling Green, Ohio, and Bloomington, Ind., did not meet minimum listing requirements to be included in the report.

Wilmington NC did not make this college list, but we love our college town.  UNCW, Cape Fear Community College, Mount Olive and  Miller-Motte enhance the area and make Wilmington NC a great place to live and learn.  Search all Wilmington NC real estate on