How To Look For The Most Affordable Mortgage | #Wilmington NC real estate


With lenders quoting a wide variety of interest rates and points, smart mortgage shoppers take a close look when comparing borrowing costs. Sometimes it turns out that the lowest interest rate isn’t necessarily the best buy. Here are some tips: Loupe

  • Compare borrowing costs.
      The simplest way to compare borrowing costs is to ask the lender for the actual annual percentage rate (APR) – the true interest on the loan. The APR consists of the simple interest rate, plus all other charges imposed by the lender. It’s not at all unusual for the APR to be substantially higher than the rate quoted by the lender. What’s more, a simple rate quoted by one lender, although higher than another lender’s advertised simple interest rate, may turn out to have the lower APR.
  • Count the points.
      For the shopper who wants to take into account the cost of points (each point is equal to 1% of the loan amount), an simplified rule of thumb comes in handy: Each point is roughly equal to an interest rate increase of 1/8 of 1% over a payback period of 30 years. Thus, a lender offering a 10% rate with no extra points is offering a better deal than the lender offering, say, a loan at 9 7/8% plus two points. Which is best for you depends on how long you plan to live in the house.

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Quick Checklist For Finding The Perfect Home | Wilmington NC real estate

Wilmington NC

 Wilmington NC –

Zeroing in on your first home can be fun and exciting. But it can also be tiring and confusing. So before you start looking at properties, write down what you want in your new home. Start with the size of the home, number of rooms, most convenient layout, and desirable features. Prioritize the list, noting beside each item whether it is “nice to have” or “a must.”

Plan for the foreseeable future 
As you make the list, consider how long you will likely be in the home and how your family and lifestyle may change over time.

Keep your goals in mind
Bring the completed list with you when we plan the first home-shopping tour.

Be a comparison shopper
As you preview each property, jot down how it compares with your list. Fill in the blanks as you see fit–yes/no, good/fair/poor, etc. Keep your notes on each property to compare homes until you find the right home. Also note the features you would like to change in each home.


Square footage __________________

Number of bedrooms __________________

Number of baths __________________

Closets/storage __________________

Basement __________________

Interior condition __________________

Yard space __________________

Fence _________________

Patio or deck __________________

Garage __________________

Energy efficiency __________________

Exterior condition _________________


Parking __________________

Overall appearance __________________

Traffic and noise __________________

Snow/trash removal __________________

Fire and police __________________

Schools: Bus or walk __________________

Distance to school __________________

School district __________________

Quality measured by SAT scores or other criteria__________________

Amenities __________________

Distance to job __________________

Childcare __________________

Public transportation __________________

Major highways __________________

Stores/supermarkets __________________

Medical facilities __________________

Recreation _________________

Community services __________________

Restaurants __________________

Churches/synagogues __________________

Airports/trains __________________

How Much Will it Cost to Sell Your Home? \ Wilmington NC real estat

Pile of cash

“How much will it cost to sell my Wilmington NC  home?” The answer to that common question generally falls into 3 major categories: fixing to sell, closing the sale, and moving.

You may have additional expenses connected with buying and settling into a new home: trips to your new area while house hunting, meals, lodging, buying furnishings, etc. Some of these expenses are tax deductible, but only if you are being transferred by an employer (who does not reimburse you) or are moving to a new job.

Here are the major expense categories:

  • Fixing to sell: This is not the time to add on or remodel the kitchen or make other major improvements – even though many such improvements often pay, at least partially, for themselves when you sell. Now is the time to make your home fresh, clean, and neat, with an eye to getting your top price. This may call for buying paint, soap, wax, putty, tiling, carpeting or plumbing parts. It may also call for paying professional carpenters, plumbers, yard and cleaning people to do the work for you.
  • Closing costs: As a seller, you can typically look forward to more income than outlay, especially if you’ve built up a substantial amount for your home equity. Possible refunds may include money you’ve already paid on your mortgage, insurance premiums, future property taxes, service contracts, heating fuel you’ll turn over to the buyer, utility deposits and the balance of any escrow funds held by your mortgage lender.
  • Moving costs. If you choose not to move yourself, or if you aren’t being reimbursed by your employer, your largest moving expense is apt to be your professional mover. Moving companies provide a variety of services and a range of fees. To save as much as possible, shop for the best combination of rates, services and insurance, plus reputation for reliability. A non-binding estimate is apt to be lower than a binding one, but there’s no guarantee that your belongings won’t exceed the estimated volume or weight. The best tack is to go for a “binding-or-less” estimate, which should include not only volume or weight but, also, unforeseen expenses at your destination (extra carrying distance, bad weather, etc.)

Some other cost-saving tips: take only what you’ll use at your new home; do your own packing; insure your belongings sufficiently; take your valuables with you, personally, or send them by registered or insured mail.

Although we advise sellers to realistically anticipate their selling expenses, the bottom line is how much cash a seller walks away with after sale. If you’re interested in selling soon, we’ll be happy to provide a Net Proceeds Analysis for your house. Your call is welcome any time.

Foreclosures In Wilmington NC from $20,400 – $1,600,000 | Wilmington NC real estate

Search Foreclosures/Bank Owned properties from $20,400 – $1,600,000 – Wilmington NC real estate

2 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

This house has a large lot. Remake this quaint cottage into your dream home. This cute little house has so much potential. It is located on the popular southside of downtown, and is just…

2 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

This house has a large lot. Remake this quaint cottage into your dream home. This cute little house has so much potential. It is located on the popular northside of downtown, and is just…

3 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

Come check out this 3 BD 2 BA home, priced to sell. Although extensive renovation may be required, this low price allows you to do them and still come out below recent sales of similar homes…

2 Beds
2 Full Baths
0 Half Baths

This house has a large lot. Remake this quaint bungalow into your dream home. This cute little house has so much potential. It is located on the popular northside of downtown, and is just…

2 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

Quaint older home in downtown Wilmington on a quiet street, has a lot to like including a covered front porch, partially fenced back yard, storage shed, and some recent updates including a…

3 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

Nestled in the heart of downtown, this 1920’s bungalow has a covered front porch that looks out on the front yard that is framed by a white picket fence. The expansive back yard has lots of…

3 Beds
1 Full Bath
1 Half Bath

Just Reduced!!! Oportunity to purchase this ranch at a value price. This home is for the buyer who wants to do things to a charming older house, garage and yard. It’s older, but built to last…

3 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

New carpet and paint make this a move-in ready home. This is a great value for a single family bungalow in Wilmington, NC. This home is surrounded by some really cute homes. The deep lot makes…

2 Beds
1 Full Bath
0 Half Baths

This Not So Big House is the ultimate Bargain Cottage! It is functional and practical, easy maintenance and cozy. Step inside to appreciate the awesome upgrades. The composite wood flooring is…

3 Beds
2 Full Baths
0 Half Baths

Super deal on this one! Cape Cod style house built in 2004. Rocking chair front porch. Open floorplan with kitchen as center focal point. Master bedroom and second bedroom are down

Hollywood East…. movies, movies, movies | Cape Fear Independent Film Festival This Weekend

Movie Buff?  Get your fill this weekend.  Enjoy a free screening of  “How To Make A Superhero” (5/11 – 11AM) at the Convention Center.Various theater’s will be used during the weekend.  For full list and prices please visit here….

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The First Quarter Wilmington NC Real Estate Zip Code Report 2013

Wilmington NC real estate

The First Quarter Wilmington NC Real Estate Zip Code Report 2013 

By R.J. Alex, 2013 President, Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors®

[Wilmington, NC] When analyzing six major zip codes in our region – 28403, 28405, 28409, 28411, 28412 and 28451 – an average of the zip codes for the first quarter of 2013 shows that:

  • Our average sales price has increased by 7.0% from 1st  Quarter 2012
  • Of the 713 sellers in 1st Quarter – 26.9% paid some sort of concession toward the purchase of the house.
  • Our list to sales price ratio for 1st Quarter is 96.55%, an increase from 95.6% for 1st Quarter 2012.
  • The average list price of the sold properties is $234,489 and is up 6% from 1st Quarter 2012.
  • The average number of days a property remained on the market for 1st Quarter was 126 days, compared to 169 days for 1st Quarter 2012.
  • The median sold price of $176,500 for 1st Quarter has increased 3.8% from 1st Quarter 2012.

The areas of focus in this analysis were:  read rest of story here…

2013 What To Expect For Home Buyers, Sellers, Investors | Wilmington NC real estate

Wilmington NC real estateToday’s real estate market is not the question mark it has been for some time. National trends and statistics support a lot of what is showing up in our own local real estate market — steady improvements and signs of positive activity are taking hold. In 2013, if you’re a homeowner looking to make a move, a renter looking to settle down, an investor looking for opportunities or a homeowner looking to stay put and remodel, here’s how to take advantage of today’s Wilmington NC  real estate market — no matter what your situation.

Yes, foreclosures, short sales, underwater mortgages and other painful problems are real and prevalent in some areas. Despite these problems, homes in good condition and in good locations sell quickly when priced right. Great deals for buyers — both in distressed and traditional home sales — and low interest rates have converged to make the cost of buying much more affordable than just a few years ago! Investors benefit too by focusing on distress sales as well as bargain-priced traditional properties to hold as rentals or rehab and sell.

In 2013 some great opportunities exist, but only if you get into the real estate market now. If you don’t make a move soon, you’ll miss out. In this Special Report we’ve examined 2013 from great expectations to six great opportunities. Be sure to contact us as soon as you’re ready to buy or sell a home.


Underbuilding = More Buyer Demand For Sellers

Due to the slow-moving economy and slower-than-normal real estate market, builders have been slow to build new homes. Even though new home starts are recovering, in 2013 there will still be more new-home buyers looking than homes available for sale. The continued lack of competition from newly built homes will help you when you sell a home this year. If your home is in a good location and in move-in condition, it will sell quickly and for a price better than you might have gotten last year. Don’t expect a return to boom times, but prices are slowly, gradually moving up in most areas of the country.

Investing = Increased Profits
Investing in a rental home, condo or multi-family property can be profitable with the continued rising demand for rentals and increasing rents. Beware, though, that many would-be renters will be weighing carefully the cost of renting versus buying, and those able to purchase will leave the rental market. More renter turnover could be a bigger issue for landlords this year than last.

Interest = Historically Low Rates
With continuing low interest rates, if you have a good credit record and steady employment, it’s definitely a positive time to purchase a home. Low interest rates allow you to buy more home than you could otherwise. Low rates also work to your advantage keeping payments low.

Refinancing = Save Money Now And Later
With lower interest rates, refinancing is an option for homeowners who have good credit, a stable employment situation and whose home is not underwater — owing more than it is worth. The savings realized in refinancing can be significant for those who can take advantage of these low interest rates before they go higher.

Buying = Better Than Renting
In many major metropolitan areas, it makes more financial sense to buy a home rather than rent. With increasing demand for rentals and subsequent rising rents, buying — including down payment, closing costs, property taxes, utilities, maintenance costs and tax advantages — is often a better financial move, allowing home buyers to break even, possibly in as few as two to five years. If you’re looking to settle somewhere for at least that long, 2013 is the time to look into buying a home.

Green = Products That Save
Environmentally friendly products, finishes, appliances and systems are readily available for new homes, remodels and updating. As demand for these resource-saving products continues to increase, prices are likely to decrease, allowing you to choose and install eco-friendly products to save energy and money.

Seller Expectations

Some expectations never change. Sellers expect a great selling price and a quick sale. As in the past, though, sellers need to realize that serious, traditional home buyers are looking for properties in move-in condition. Many buyers are turned off by unfinished home projects and outdated fixtures. Sellers in 2013 need to make their home spic-and-span before listing in order to get a quick sale at the right price. We can advise you on how to stage your home for a fast sale when you price it right.

Buyer Expectations

Buyers in the market today are looking for the best value. They remember the not-too-distant volatility of home prices and want the most home for the lowest payment. They know the market like a GPS and are quick to assess every home — before they even step into it. Today’s buyers are smart and savvy, especially when buyers work with a real estate professional — like us.

Investor Expectations

Investors, being home buyers, are smart and savvy too. They’re decisive and often able to purchase a home with all-cash, making their transaction quick to close. Investors rely on their ability to spot “diamonds in the rough” and snap up great deals lightning-fast. If you can’t get your home into move-in condition for the next buyer, an investor will — and your final sales price to the investor will reflect the profit the investor is looking to realize upon resale or rental of your property. We can help you find suitable income properties to fit your investment strategy or help you prep your home for quick sale to interested investors. For more advice and to search all Wilmington NC real estate please visit or on your phone

Eight Money-Savers Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know

Buying a Wilmington NC home may be the biggest purchase of your life. However, the costs are minimized when you realize how home buying actually puts cash in your pocket. Here are just a few ways to save:

  1. Stop paying rent. Come out ahead at tax time by deducting for property taxes and mortgage interest while building equity savings.
  2. Buy now. Prices aren’t standing still; save now, compared to tomorrow’s higher prices.
  3. Choose a good neighborhood or one on the upswing.
  4. Buy a home that is likely to appreciate in value, and watch your “savings” increase.
  5. Cut back on down payment requirements with an FHA or VA loan, if you qualify. Or take out private mortgage insurance, and save on out-of-pocket costs.
  6. Deduct closing costs (property tax, “points,” etc.) Be sure to consult your professional tax advisor before filing any claims.
  7. Deduct moving expenses allowed if your move is job-related, saving your tax dollars.
  8. Pay off the loan principal regularly or in installments over the life of your loan, thus saving thousands in interest payments.

These are just some of the ways your home purchase saves you cash. One of your best cost-saving moves – in either buying or selling – is to take advantage of our professional real estate services. We know the area, the financial establishment and the real estate market. We can help you make your best and least costly move. We’ll welcome your call or e-mail.

Wilmington NC Named One Of The Top Spots to Retire | Wilmington NC

retire in Wilmington NC

With pleasure Wilmington  NC will accept being in the top eight list again.  Where to Retire magazine which is a magazine that helps retiree’s make relocation decisions has announced that Wilmington NC made the country’s best retirement  areas list.  The December 18 issue will profile our great Port City as one of the 8 Top Hot Spots for Retirement Bargains.  The magazine states that our Cape Fear area has many desirable qualities that are important to today’s retiree.  Lifestyle, steady housing industry with rising home prices and falling inventory and quality of life are some of the things that Wilmington has to offer.  The steady growth of the real estate industry and the area have been a big plus. To be active in retirement is the key.  Wilmington NC has so much to offer and the biggest thing that our great City has to offer is the people that call Wilmington their home.  Real, friendly, caring and striving to enjoy life, which considering our surroundings is not hard to do.  To view Wilmington NC real estate, please visit , taxes, maps and everything you need is there.  To see more of Wilmington NC visit here….  To see more of Wrightsville Beach NC visit here…

71 Years Ago | Pearl Harbor Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Memorial located in Pearl Harbor Honolulu Hawaii is the final resting place of 1, 102 of the 1,177 sailors that were killed on the USS Arizona in the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 7, 1941 by the Japanese imperial forces. This attack on Pearl Harbor brought the United States into World War II.

The memorial was dedicated in 1962 and is accessible only by boat.  It hovers on  top of the hull of the USS Arizona. More than a million people annually visit and pay respects to the memorial.  The visitor center is run by the National Parks service and was declared a National Landmark on May 5, 1989

The Remembrance service in Wilmington NC will be at the Battleship today at 12:55 PM

Thank you to all who have served and who are serving our great Country.