Green Energy Audit of your Home | Wilmington NC real estate

Discover Your Home’s Green Factor… And Improve It

Before you jump on the green bandwagon, take time to have an energy audit performed on your Wilmington NC home. An energy audit outlines the energy use and leakage (or waste) in a home by measuring various systems and components. Local utility companies often offer free or discounted energy audits to customers, or you can hire a home energy professional — call us for a referral. If you are thinking of selling your home, audits provide valuable energy-efficiency information to attract prospective buyers. Here is what to expect with an energy audit.


  • Before the energy audit takes place, make note of all energy issues and concerns you have with your home, listing drafty window/door locations or fireplace flues, condensation problems, multi-pane window seal breaches, etc. (This also is a great to-do list before you put your home on the market.)
  • Collect utility bills from the entire previous year or two for review. (This info is also valuable to potential buyers of your home; make it available if you list your home for sale. Be sure to include usage units, as well as dollar costs.)
  • Think about your lifestyle — how high or low the thermostat is kept in various seasons; how many people, if any, are home during the day; how different parts of the home are used — or not used; etc.


  • Physical features of the home, including wall area and number and size of windows, will be analyzed by the auditor.
  • Equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras may be used to determine energy leakage.
  • If possible, accompany the auditor during this analysis.
  • Usually, only major problem areas are discovered during this analysis, but starting at this point will allow you to prioritize what tasks should be addressed.


The final energy audit report provides you with valuable information about your home. It assists you in understanding:

  • Your home’s energy-related shortcomings.
  • What effective energy-saving improvements can remediate the problems.
  • The costs involved.

Remember, there are always numerous possible improvements that can be made to your home to increase its energy efficiency and, most importantly, lower your utility bills. Some of these improvements will be more costly than others; some will offer a faster return on investment. Energy audits help you prioritize making improvements to your home, as well as creating a list of areas to address in order to market your home as a “green” home when it comes time to sell.

Selling For Top Dollar Is Proof-Positive

When you’re thinking of selling your home — now or in the future — an audit is a useful tool to boost the value of your home in buyers’ eyes. This is especially true if the final report shows that the home is already energy-efficient or that you have made significant upgrades to increase its energy efficiency.