HOME SEARCH 101: Tips For Locating The Right Schools


When it comes time to buy your next Wilmington NC home, your decision will be based on dozens of criteria. If you’re like many home buyers, good schools will be at the very top of your list. Even buyers without children are often concerned about the quality of schools. They know property values often reflect the reputation of local schools-both public and private-and that a home near good schools may be easier to sell later on.

Plan Ahead

It pays to look at schools early in the house-hunting process so you can narrow your focus to particular neighborhoods. Consider the following approaches and available resources for determining whether a school or school district is right for you and your children.

Define Your Idea Of “Good”

{short description of image} The first step is taking an honest look at your child’s educational needs. Is he or she average, exceptional, or is there a learning disability to consider? What are the student’s interests and natural abilities? Cerebral? Artistic? Athletic? It won’t matter that a school is tops in math and science if your child’s educational focus is in language and fine arts. Identifying your child’s individual needs will help determine the types of programs and educational approaches you’re looking for in a school.

Get An Overview

You can tap the resources of several organizations to find out what schools are available in a particular area and how they rank compared with others in the system, the state and the nation. (See the side bar for details.)

Take a look at the programs that would most interest or benefit your children. Is the local public school strong in those areas? If not, there may be good private-school alternatives in the vicinity.

Keep in mind that what you see on paper may not provide a complete picture of the school, its resources and the capabilities of its educational staff.

Identify The District

It’s easy to find out what public school district a house is in-the information is nearly always included in the MLS listing, available through your Realtor. Note, however, that school boards frequently re-draw districts. To help ensure a home is likely to remain in a particular district, you may want to find out how close it is to district lines-being central to a district increases your chances of staying there. Contact the local board of education to obtain a district map.

Go To The Source

Also ask the local board for any information available about the school system, special programs, etc. Many boards will provide you with standardized test scores, often broken down for each school and subject area. Private schools often provide test-score information and college-placement statistics as well.

See For Yourself

Make plans to visit the schools you are interested in. Schedule appointments with the principal and some of the teachers in your child’s grade. Inquire about school policies and procedures. Discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses, asking how the school would handle them.

Interview The Neighbors

Perhaps the best way to investigate a school is to talk with parents whose children attend. Visit neighbors in the area and ask them to be candid about what they like and dislike about local schools.

Let Us Get You Started

We’ll be happy to provide the phone numbers and website addresses of the schools and districts in our area. Be aware, however, that complying with fair housing practices, we may not be able to provide you with all the information you seek. Discussing school quality can be construed as “steering” buyers to or away from particular neighborhoods, which could be viewed as discrimination-even if unintentional.

That being said, we’ll do everything we can to support your efforts to locate the right home and the right schools to meet your family’s needs.

More school information here.  http://www.cbbaker.com/school_info.php


American School Directory: (800) 444-4488. P.O. Box 7003, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-7003. Web. E-mail. With over 108,000 individual websites, provides every K-12 school in America (public and private) a free Internet presence and identity. Includes pictures, maps, art, information, calendars, etc.

National Association of State Boards of Education: (703) 684-4000. 277 S. Washington St., Suite 100 Alexandria, VA. 22314. Web. E-mail. Offers quick reference state profiles for basic education information and data taken from U.S. Department of Education statistics. Includes statistics to allow comparisons between a state and the national mean.

School Match: (800) 992-5323. 5027 Pine Creek Drive, Westerville, OH 43081. Web. E-mail. For a fee, you can receive a report card on any public school or one of thousands of private schools in the U.S. At an additional cost, they will list up to 15 schools that match your criteria identified by their questionnaire. They also assist families with special-needs children and those moving overseas. All reports are confidential. If you are making a company move, your company may pay for School Match’s assistance.

Yahoo!: Web. You’ll find a state-by-state directory of schools and their websites, along with other useful information.

New Hanover schools online annual report | Willmington NC real estate

New Hanover schools save with online annual report.

The New Hanover County Schools now have all the annual reports online cutting down on the papertrail. 

“The website’s cost of around $10,000 can be spread over many years,” said Valita Quattlebaum, chief communications officer at NHCS. “With this, we can update and publish annual reports at a much lower cost.”

“Printed documents become obsolete and they’re limiting,” Quattlebaum said.

The annual report provides information including test scores, the district’s financial report, academic achievements and the its strategic plan. All pages are also viewable in Spanish.

“We plan to update the site constantly, but the major updates will be annual,” Quattlebaum said.”

Anything that will help the county go green and help save costs for the budget strapped schools is a win win situation.  Online technology is the way to go.  Everything about Wilmington NC and real estate can be found on www.cbbaker.com

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Your One Stop School Guide | Wilmington NC real estate

Welcome to SchoolGuide.

I am pleased to announce my new comprehensive School Guide for Wilmington NC tri county area.  Search property by schools, register for school, take Adult Education Classes, and have access to everything you need to know about New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick school systems from pre-school to college.  Take a minute and click on my digital magazine to help inform you about our school systems in a easy and concise manner.  From kindergarden to college to  home schooling our website will guide you through it all.  Wilmington NC real estate and New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick County Schools click here….

Google Coupons | Free Foreclosure list on your phone| Wilmington NC Real estate

Google Coupons – Kay Baker | Wilmington NC Real estate.

Coupons on your phone, the next best thing to caring around a coupon book.  Would you like a free list of foreclosures in Wilmington NC? 

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Scan this bar code with your phone and it will take you to my google map page, where you can text me for a free list of  Wilmington NC real estate foreclosures and shortsales.

It’s that easy.  Or visit www.cbbaker.com .
Life gets easier and Kay Baker & Associates – Wilmington NC real estate would like to help.

Welcome to School Guide 2010 :: Wilmington NC real estate

Welcome to SchoolGuide.

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August 25, 2010 | From terrific summer to a terrific new school year in Wilmington NC.  School in New Hanover County starts Wednesday August 25, 2010.  The teachers have been at the schools getting ready for a brand new school year.  The Wilmington NC School guide is your comprehensive guide to all you want to know about Wilmington NC Tri- County schools.  From Public to Private to Home Schooling, we have everything you want in one digital School Guide.  Please take a moment to visit Wilmington NC Schools now.  If you are looking for Wilmington NC real estate, you can search by schools and find neighborhoods in that school district.   Each School is listed in the directory as well as teachers, classes, athletics and everything one would need to know to enroll your child or to attend college yourself. The main website to search real estate is www.cbbaker.com .  You can also search by map.  Best of luck to the next generation of learners, may they all be encouraged and succeed.

New Hanover High School in Best School List | Wilmington NC real estate

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Congratulations to New Hanover High School for making the America’s Best School list in Newsweek Magazine. Out of 27,000 schools, New Hanover ranked 796! Located in Wilmington NC, it is the oldest school in the area. There are neighborhoods that are districted to New Hanover, but also there is a lottery to get in if you provide transportation and are not districted to go there. Long Leaf Acres is one of the districts that go to New Hanover, so you can purchase Wilmington NC real estate in the neighborhood and get bus service to the school. 246 Dallas Drive is a new listing in the neighborhood and is close to Mayfaire Town Center and Wrightsville Beach.

For more information about neighborhoods and schools in Wilmington NC please visit our real estate website at http://www.cbbaker.com. A comprehensive Tri County school guide can be found on http://www.cbbaker.com with test scores and all the information you need to register for school.

Schools in Wilmington NC and Real Estate

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Believe it or not shool will be out in 2 weeks!  This year has flown by.  If you would like to research all the schools in the New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick county areas, I have compiled everything you need on one site.  Please feel free to visit my School Guide for the most up to date digital information magazine and links.  Including how to register your child. 

 We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have on Wilmington NC schools or Wilmington NC real estate.  Please visit www.cbbaker.com any time to help you in your home search and for buying help.