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If you are thinking about selling your home, make sure you do your homework first.  There are things that you can do months before hand that will make the home selling process smoother.


Be Prepared When Selling Your Home

Thinking about selling? In that time period leading up to actually putting your home on the market, you can do a number of things to get your home in shape so buyers will love what they see and want to move in fast! Prioritizing what needs to get done first can be overwhelming.
Here’s a guide to help you get your home ready to sell any time of the year.


Three to six months from listing:

  • Get a home inspection from a licensed home inspector. (Call us for recommended local inspectors.)
  • Use the checklist from the inspection as your to-do list and fix all problems.
  • Arrange for estimates or plan to do the work yourself to paint rooms with neutral colors.
  • If you’re considering bathroom or kitchen remodeling of any size, now is the time to undertake it, but beware of over-improving or updating with polarizing styles.



One to three months from listing:

  • Clear out closets, cabinets and drawers and be ruthless in your quest to de-clutter.
  • Remove from display all personal items such as photographs, certificates, trophies, diplomas, etc.
  • If necessary, rent a storage unit to store excess furniture and belongings that clutter your home.
  • Clear out the basement, garage, shed and attic — spaces that are often forgotten but full of stuff.
  • Power wash the outside of your home (siding, patios, driveways, etc.) or hire a service to do the work for you.
  • Take a tour of local homes that are currently for sale to see how they compare with your home.
  • Concentrate on curb-appeal landscaping from tree/bush trimming to greening the landscape to sprucing up the entrance.


One month or less from listing:

  • Revisit your entire home with a buyer’s eye in mind and touch up any small fix-ups and upgrades.
  • After your complete de-cluttering, contact a professional home stager to make each room in your home inviting to buyers.
  • Get carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Wash windows — inside and out — or hire it out.
  • Secure a safe location for pet(s) to be left during showings or find a friend who will take your pet(s) while your home is on the market.
  • Adhere to a regular cleaning schedule, or hire a service to do basic cleaning.


First day on the market, broker open house and open houses:

  • Put out a bowl of fruit, fresh flowers and/or bake cookies that day to give your home a homey feel.
  • Open all shades and curtains and turn on lights in every room to ensure your home is bright.
  • Make sure you and your family leave the home for all showings, so plan some outings, visits or errands when needed.

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Tips for selling your home in Wilmington, NC

Tips for selling your home in Wilmington, NC.

If you haven’t received any offers on your home you’re probably facing the question of what to do.  And if your house stays on the market too long without selling it can begin to appear “stale” and can actually damage your future chances of a sale.

How long is too long?  In a dry market, a sales period of six months to one year isn’t unusual. Look at recent sales reports of similar homes in Wilmington, NC nearby to determine a reasonable selling interval. In a hot seller’s market, a house that hasn’t sold within one month indicates a problem. In either case, there are several steps you can take before putting up the white flag.             

  • Videotape your house, inside and out, and watch the tape as if you were a prospective buyer. Is the lawn weedy or the garden bare? Is your home uncluttered and spotlessly scrubbed? Sparkling-clean houses sell faster than those that look too lived-in or show an abundance of the owner’s personality.   Read More Here